The Browser Highlighter helps you take some of the legwork out of web-surfing by highlighting things like products, phone numbers, important people, and other cool stuff.

The Browser Highlighter is a FREE plugin which works with Internet Explorer and Firefox.

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logo_shortcutsHighlighter Shortcuts
Highlighter Shortcuts finds and underlines important terms on the web pages you visit. When you see an underlined term hover over it with your mouse and we'll show you important information related to that particular term.
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logo_ebayCompare on eBay
Find all the best deals by comparing eBay listings to buy products you are searching for on other shopping sites. Click the Compare on eBay button to find the best deal without having to jump from site to site.
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Never miss an important event again! Alerts will notify you of important events in real time no matter where you are on the web. Browser Highlighter will deliver the notifications you've requested instantly.
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logo_skypeSkype PNR
Just click and leave the dialing to us! With the Browser Highlighter's Skype Phone Number Recognition you can simply click the highlighted number you want to dial and we'll place the call for you using Skype.
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